Ben writes...

Well, I write this two days before performing Animal Farm for the fifth time, this
time round, at the Otley Courthouse, which is apparently selling very well. It's a
new venue for Paper Zoo and one we're thoroughly looking forward to.

After that, we're set to perform a special 'non public' performance at the Bradford
Girls Grammar school on the 15 October and then onto Hebden Bridge before
finishing the 2009 performances at Square Chapel in Halifax. I know we're all very
much looking forward to revisiting this great venue. Thus far the tour is going
rather swimmingly! With extremely good audience reaction and busy houses,
we're all on a bit of a 'high' with the tour.

However, some people may be glad to hear that we will all be donning those
delightful (and now pretty stinky) costumes once again in 2010 for a few more
performances including the Wakefield Arts Centre and The Carriage Works in
Leeds. Very exciting. The Wakefield date will be a double-bill of Orwell, when we
plan to perform both 1984 and Animal Farm in one day. A challenge, both
technically and physically, but it should be good for the audience to see! More
details and booking info will be available soon.

I think it also worth a mention (and a name-drop!) that Damien, Dave and myself
had the great chance of meeting up with our great supporter and Big Brother -
John Hurt in late September. John is patron of QUAD, in Derby and was attending
an event there which was great fun. Luckily we had the chance of sitting down for
a drink and chat with him and managed to keep him up to date with plans of 1984
and the Company as a whole. John is a real pleasure to work with and a true
professional and Paper Zoo owe a lot to him for his support and generosity
during May 2009 and the rehearsals of 1984. He is eager to see the we are planning to ensure that does happen!

So, the plans for the future?...briefly...

Continue Animal Farm, reprise 1984 and then begin rehearsals for our
Edinburgh Fringe show, which has yet to be announced/chosen. Exciting times!

Personally, I'm a busy bee at the moment with rehearsals for
Journey's End at
the Keighley Playhouse in late-October, the possibility of directing again in
November, a reprisal of a new-writing piece -
Funny Men which will begin early
2010, another piece of new writing for Snowgoose Theatre in January and
possibly some 'musicalness' as well...I wouldn't have it any other way!

I sincerely hope you get to see Animal Farm and please do keep an eye on the
website for more information on 1984.

Keep smiling!
Ben x

Oh, and you can see (to the right) some fun I had in Photoshop with the current
cast promo photos. Available for sale..! :)
All original photographs by
Jim Moran.
Ben Eagle - Napoleon
Paper Zoo Animal Farm
Animal Farm Boxer
Paper Zoo Animal Farm
Paper Zoo Animal Farm Farmer
Damien O'Keeffe (Benjamin)
Martin Knowles (Boxer)
Julia O'Keeffe (Clover)
Rachel Greiff (Cow)
David Peel (Squealer)
Beth Oswald (Lamb)
Jodie Bloomer (Mollie)
Hayley Welsh (Sheep)
Kate Shackleton (Sheep)
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Oct 2009