Ben writes...

Well, we're back from Edinburgh and have finished out short run of 2020 Vision -
our devised piece.

Being in Edinburgh for the Fringe is the highlight of my year and this year wasn't
an exception. We had such a great time - seeing show after show, mixing with
other "luvvies", performing our show daily and then of course partaking in a
certain amount of enjoyment in the public houses of "Auld Reekie". It doesn't get
much better!!

Our show was on the whole very well received. We had two reviews - both of
which were generally positive and we were decidedly chuffed to receive 3 stars
from the Scotsman. See more on the production here:
2020 Vision. To the right
is a photograph of us all on stage in our Edinburgh venue.

So, what's next?

Well, we're planning on bringing our successful production of George Orwell's
1984 back to the stage - all venues and details are yet tbc...but you can be sure
to get the info here first.

I know we're all reasonably busy for the remainder of the year - Dave is working
on a couple of plays, Martin is investigating a new company and everyone has
families and other such responsibilities, so what the rest of the year holds is yet
to be decided. Personally, I'll be reprising the role of Beast in the Disney musical

Beauty and the Beast
at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford which I'm looking
forward to.

I'm also staying in touch with our very own Big Brother, John Hurt and his wife
Anwen who continue to be supportive and I know are eager to see 1984.

Anyway, that's all folks

Keep smiling!

Ben's blog
Sept 2010