Damien's blog
October 07
Damien writes:

After a week or so’s rest, we’re about to embark on the rehearsal period for A
Christmas Carol. We are looking forward to revisiting this great little production and
re-working some of the sections. The challenge of touring the show around several
different venues is very exciting. The cast will have to keep on their toes with this
one. Now that the company is established we aim to make full use of the cast’s
talents. Julia, Ben, Kate and Dave will all be called upon to sing (whilst the rest of
us hum along, probably!) and we are looking again at the set to make the best use
of limited resources.

The Orton double bill was generally well received with the majority of comments
being very positive. We don’t mind the criticisms though, as they can only help us
to improve and keep raising the standard of what we do. We all wish Laura the best
of luck at Central School, and we will miss having her around. But she’s off to
develop her skills and I’m sure we’ll all hear a lot more from her in the not too
distant future. On a personal note, it is really very satisfying to see ex-students
taking up such challenges and spreading their wings. After all, that is what the
company was founded for; to give people somewhere to gain professional
experience and learn their craft. And as the character of Wilson says in ‘Ruffian’,
“You can’t get better than that, can you?”