Dave's blog
August 07
Dave writes,

So last week, I had the script for ruffian thrust into me mits!

I’ve gone from playing a raving loony in
Much Ado to a potential murdering Irish

Talk about diversity!!

It has to be said, Dogberry from
Much Ado was a brilliant character to play but by
and away the most challenging I’ve taken on to date.

Mind you it helps when you’re almost as bonkers as Dogberry in the first place, or
some would say ,,,Heh heh heh.  

Mike is the name of the Irish-Londoner character in Ruffian, an insecure man with an
unhealthy appetite for guns.. ‘Great Scott’ whatever next? Ghostly characters I’ll be
bound!?!? ;-)

Watch this space…..

As always a big and very grateful thank you to all my friends who came to support me
and who have supported me through the last 4 yrs, bless you guys.

And to all ‘Zooers’ who come to see everything we do, thank you from all of us at the

See you all in a few weeks!

(Dear lord, so soon. Best get on with learning me script)

See ya!!