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Feb '09
Dave Writes...

Hello again Zooers and fellow theatre goers!

It's been too long since we last wrote on our blog wall, oops.
Apologies from all here at Paper Zoo but those of you who regularly see our work will
know that 2008 was an amazingly busy yet very successful year.

It's already looking like 2009 will be the same if not more so but more of that later.

Okay I'll, pick it up where Ben left off.

Sadly weather-wise it didn't quite go the way we all would have liked with rain, rain and
more rain, on the stage however, things were distinctly brighter.

Animal Farm rehearsals went so very well with more laughter than you can imagine.
The whole cast had a brilliant time and as opening night arrived the nerves were
replaced by a confidence and a pride felt by all and for all.

The tour of
Animal Farm was a great success and a credit to the hard work and
dedication needed to make it so.

A special mention must be put out to Stuart who directed the play. The fact he coped
with us all and our shenanigans, specially myself and Ben, is testament to the man's
patience, he deserved a medal afterwards.

We hardly had time to put our trotters down before embarking on the reprisal of
Valentine at Bradford Cathedral then all systems were go for the Fringe in Edinburgh.

This, it has to be said for me, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, by
far in my acting career at least, and I have it on good authority most of the cast and
crew felt the same.

We saw  brilliant performances from many talented performers from all walks of life and
from all over the world it seemed. Above all though, the whole experience was a
learning curve but a whole load of fun!!

So onto Christmas 08.

We decided, instead of doing a tour of one of the classics as has been the case in
previous year,s we'd have a crack at a Leopold Lewis play
The Bells

We of course put our own unique Paper Zoo twist on things and to say it was different
from the norm would be an understatement. Nevertheless it was a great play and was in
the main enjoyed by all.
I got to play the lead Mathius, who's name we changed to Mathew. The first actor to
play the character was the late great Sir Henry Irving So I'm well chuffed to follow in
such illustrious company.

Which brings us right up to speed.

The company is in the middle of Rehearsals for George Orwell's "1984".

This year will be the 60th anniversary of the book's release so we were asked, (and of
course we accepted) by the National Media Museum to put on this fabulous and much
studied tale. Damien finally gets to stretch his acting muscle a little more than usual by
playing the lead role Winston Smith.

The show will be in June of this year.
Ben will be putting the exact dates for you all to pencil into your diaries fairly soon now.

Also, and equally as exciting, the Museum have asked if we will reprise
Animal Farm -
fantastic!!! I cannot wait to get back into the long johns and mud and begin snuffling
and grunting again along with the other animals!

1984, along with Animal Farm, promises to be some of the strongest and best that
Paper Zoo have to offer.
And with the prospect of us treating the Fringe to
Animal Farm, 2009 looks busy but
exciting indeed!!


The whole of Paper Zoo; Martin, Damien, Kate, Ben, Joc, Julia, Stuart, Laura, myself
and all our associates, would like to wish you all a belated Happy New Year, a very
warm thank you for all your continued support, and of course a wish that we see you all

Bums on seats makes us the company we are. Lest we forget.

Take care and watch the site for dates.

Warmest regards to all.

Dave.  x