Dave's blog (Jan 2008)
Dave writes;

Hello people and fellow lovers of all things theatre!   :-)

Firstly, and rather belatedly, all of us at Paper Zoo Theatre
Company would like to wish you all a very happy new year!!

We hope 2008 brings you all you hope for.  (How many
resolutions have been broken already...Hmmmm..)

Yes we're very overdue a new blog as well but being as busy
as you all know we have, its been a bit hectic to say the least.

Dreadful excuse.. :-(

Actually, going back to the summer last year and the onset of
rehearsals for "Much Ado" we haven't really stopped!

Most of us, just after "Much Ado" did individual projects outside
of the company, whether it be directing, teaching, more theatre,
University courses, TV or otherwise!

Before we had time to breathe (or so it seems) we were back
into rehearsals for " A Christmas Carol"  and like "Much Ado"
we put our own spin on things, making for a unique approach to
the well known and much loved tale!

Julia directed "A Christmas Carol" giving hubby Damien a much
needed break!
We think Julia did an excellent job!

The feedback we've had during and since finishing the tour
has  been very positive and very kind. Thank you!
Thanks also to all the venues who took the risk and let 'us
reprobates' into their buildings!
Every place was different and challenge for us!
Also Paper Zoo would like to thank the following actors; Chris
Haigh (who played Scrooge's Nephew amongst others)
"BELLE"!! :-) !
Stacey Davies ( who played Martha amongst others) and
Declan and Ellen O' Keeffe who played Peter Cratchit and Tiny
Tim respectively.
Thank you guys, it would  not have been the success it was
without all of you there throughout the whole process.
Also thank you to Jay, (Martin's Brother) who's input was
invaluable in more ways than one!  And Symon our 'techi' who
is without a doubt the hardest working and most diligent stage
technician I've ever met!

If we missed anyone, sorry! Thank you to you as well.

Lastly a very big thank you to you the audiences who came to
see us in the tour, we know it's a cliche to say but without you
Paper Zoo would not be the company it is now and is growing

From all of us to all of the above and more, thank you!!

So... what next?...  well, straight into a St. Valentines  Day
special, simply entitled "Valentines". This is a one off for all
would-be-lovers and anyone really with a romantic disposition!

It will of course be on Feb 14th! We'll be in the Henry Mitchell
Hall at Bradford College's Old Building. More details

It'll have it all this one; poetry, readings and songs!!  Oh yes,
songs!! From almost all of the members involved! You heard it
hear first!!

We started rehearsal almost immediately after the tour finished.
It's going well but with the usual frivolity involved!!  
Always great fun, but it makes me wonder how we ever put the
shows together! Ha!  

Why do i feel all of the cast's eyes burning into me....Heh heh..

Okay people that's it for this blog but just a reminder, please
feel free to e-mail any of us collectively, OR individually with
anything at all you wanted to ask, (within reason of course!) at
any time.
We're very interested in what people think about our company,
we'll try to answer anything personally as soon as we get them.
Feedback and comments are very important to us.

Thanks all, we'll see you soon, keep the faith.  

David and all at Paper Zoo.