Future Projects
Well, we hear you ask, what are we planning?...

Once we had drawn breath, nursed our bruises and put away our slapsticks after the
successful tour of The Dentist we scratched our collective heads and asked

'What are we going to do next?'

Well, thankfully, it wasn't long before we were asked to contribute to the British
Science Festival Fringe event and perform a new play all about the Bradford Arsenic
poisonings of 1858. A true story of a real Victorian whodunnit,
'Humbug Billy' was
researched and written by the fabulous Kate Brennan of
Act The Facts. Rehearsed
over nine days and including 'live before your very eyes' scientific experiments, the
show played over the 12th - 15th of September 2015. Whilst definitely a Paper Zoo
production, 'Humbug Billy' has now been passed on to the HND Performing Arts  
students at The Northern School of Creative Industries to develop as a
Theatre-in-Education project to be toured to secondary schools this winter.

So, we have been kicking around a few ideas and trying to get everyone's diaries
co-ordinated. We will definitely be back with something interesting and exciting
soon...we just aren't quite sure what.

Please keep checking in either here or on our Production
blog for updates.

We are always open to new ideas, though, so we would be happy to hear yours.

Do you have any suggestions? If so, send the company your comments by email to:
info@paperzootheatrecompany.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!