Julia's blog
August 2010
Julia writes...

We are a nation in dire need of transformation of our thinking
and feeling. We are in need of a new understanding of our fellow
human beings; a new faculty of empathy for the pain of our
brothers – a heartfelt connection.
Through the action of this play, that is what happens to this
group of ‘colleagues’. From out of the existing imagined safety of
their lives they experience a transformation through crisis,
powerlessness, breakdown and a catharsis of their previous
psychological states that leads them to a new enlightenment.
Listening, being aware, being present in the moment in which
they are existing, they renegotiate the inter-relationships which
instigate a will to work with and for each other. This, then, is a
modern hymn to a society that can co-exist in peace and
understanding, not conflict and destruction.

Work began on this play in the early months of the year.
Research into new technologies and breakthroughs on the
edges of science stimulated an interest in how technology is
developing that will further remove the human from interaction
with other humans. James Cameron’s blockbusting film Avatar
explores this from a very different angle. It was looking for the
other, untold angles that interested me.
The Company had all expressed a desire to try something new
after the Orwell double bill of ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’. So the
idea of devising our own production came into being. Early
improvisations formed the basis for our story, characters were
developed and scenes drafted. A script evolved that we had all
contributed to and the production began to take shape.
Several months later (and only three weeks, at time of writing,
before the show premieres at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe)
and the final preparations are underway. I am pleased with and
proud of the show – it tackles some fundamental issues and
asks some big questions. Theatre is one of the most effective
means of communicating ideas; it relies upon the very human
interaction between audience and performer and in doing so
reminds us that no matter how powerful the processor or how
‘intelligent’ the system when it breaks down we still need to
communicate with one another.