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Ben Eagle and Martin Knowles from Paper Zoo with John Hurt during filming for 1984.jpg
The Cast for 2010 tour
(in alphabetical order)

Cane Connelly        Citizen
Stuart Davies           Goldstein (on screen)
Ben Eagle                 O'Brien
Andrew Harney       Citizen
Damien O'Keeffe     Winston Smith
Julia O'Keeffe          Julia
David Peel                Syme
Kate Shackleton     Mrs. Charrington
Hayley Welsh           Prole woman / citizen

and featuring
John Hurt as the on-screen Big Brother
Stage direction by             Film direction by
Stuart Davies                Martin Knowles
In the original production at the National Media Museum on 3
June 2009, Emily Thornton and Jodie Lowe played Citizens
and Prole Woman.
Damien O'Keeffe as Winston and Ben Eagle as O'Brien
Damien O'Keeffe as Winston and David Peel as Syme
Damien O'Keeffe as Winston and Julia O'Keeffe as Julia