The Cast
(in alphabetical order)
Stuart Davies
Ben Eagle
Jodie Lowe
Damien O'Keeffe
Julia O'Keeffe
David Peel
Emily Thornton
Directed by
Paper Zoo
The Bells was staged on Wed 10th, Fri 12th &
Sun 14th December 2008 at The Bradford
"The bells, the bells again! Can no one
hear the sound of bells?"

Christmas Eve, Bingley, 1850. It's the
coldest winter for years. Before struggling
home through the blizzard, villagers drink at
the local pub and recall a winter even worse
than this one when a brutal murder was
committed on their doorstep. For years the
murderer has evaded the law, but can he
escape his own conscience?

Paper Zoo have adapted Leopold Lewis'
Vistorian chiller and given it a local flavour.
If you like your christmas plays dark and
surreal, dont miss this one.

Not suitable for young children.