Past Shows
Paper Zoo Theatre Company aim to bring their own unique twist to quality
drama - from Shakespeare to Classic Dickensian tales right through to new

The productions we have performed thus far are:
A Christmas Carol
16 - 18th December 2005
Directed by Damien O'Keeffe
The Preistley , Bradford
Waiting For Godot
12th - 14th September 2006
Directed by Julia O'Keeffe
Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford
Twelfth Night
8th - 10th December 2006
Directed by Damien & Julia
O'KeeffeThe Preistley, Bradford
Funeral Games
8th - 10th May 2007
Directed by Laura Milnes
Bradford College, Old Building
Much Ado About Nothing
10th - 12th July 2007
Directed by Damien & Julia O'Keeffe
Bradford Cathedral
An Evening of Joe Orton
7th - 9th September 2007
Directed by Laura Milnes
Yorkshire Craft Centre / Square Chapel
A Christmas Carol
29th Nov 2007 - 4th Jan 2008
Directed by Julia O'Keeffe
Various - tour
14th February 2008
Directed by  Julia O'Keeffe
Bradford College
10th & 11th July 2008 (Bradford)
19th - 25th August 2008 (Edinburgh)
Directed by Julia O'Keeffe
Bradford Cathedral /
St. Augustine's (Edinburgh Fringe)
Animal Farm
21st - 28th June 2008
Directed by  Stuart Davies
Various - tour
The Bells
10th, 12th & 14th Dec 2008
Directed by Paper Zoo
Bradford Playhouse
3 & 4 June 2009
Directed by Stuart Davies
National Media Museum
2020 Vision
17th - 22nd August 2010 (Edinburgh)
26th August 2010 (Burley Festival)
14th September (Saltaire Festival)
Directed by Julia O'Keeffe
Blue Remembered Hills
24th June - 29th September 2011
- various - tour
3rd June 2012 (Windermere)
Directed by Stuart Davies
The Tempest
9th February 2012 (Halifax)
24th March (Leeds)
22nd June 2012 (Otley)
Directed by Julia O'Keeffe
The Dentist
24th February - 18th April 2015
various - tour
Written and directed by David
Hard Times
23rd May - 23rd August 2013
various -  tour
19th September 2013 - Saltaire
23rd May - 5th June 2014
various - tour
15th June 2014 - Criccieth Festival
Adapted and directed by Stuart